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国产偷拍视频Help us develop a new generation of leaders in healthcare and biotechnology! Your generous support not only provides fellowship awards to attract top-tier students from around the world—it also represents an investment in KGI’s future, as today’s graduates become tomorrow’s alumni donors. 

Make a Gift
Jean and Marc Doble


Alumni engagement at KGI is critical to its success. All KGI students are granted membership in the Alumni Association upon graduation, because KGI doesn’t just celebrate the success of current students—we celebrate their achievements for a lifetime!

Jon Coffman

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Corporate and foundation funding are key to KGI’s success, both inside and outside the classroom. Throughout its history, these generous gifts have allowed KGI to recruit exceptional faculty and students, while developing core infrastructure and amenities.

Dennis Fenton

Ways to Give

KGI is growing—now, more than ever—so giving opportunities are abundant. Best of all, at KGI, you know where your gift goes, and the impact it makes. Even small gifts add up to make a tremendous difference!

Madelyn Low student


国产偷拍视频STEM Inc. is a series of events featuring independent speakers, roundtable discussions, and career exploration carefully designed to highlight the challenges—and opportunities!—that come with being a woman, a student of color, or a member of the LGBTQ community working in the STEM fields.