KGI’s summer programs will boost your academic career as you prepare to enter your undergraduate studies. Get a preview of KGI’s advanced degrees, including:

国产偷拍视频These summer programs will not only help you decide your future career in healthcare or the life sciences—they are also a great way to gain exposure to the biotechnology, medicine, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, while improving on the skills and qualifications you need to boost your resume.

  • Keck Graduate Institute offers a limited number of unpaid internship opportunities for high school students to gain hands-on research experience while learning more about college education and careers in science and engineering.

    2020 Dates: 国产偷拍视频June 27 – August 7

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  • The five-day Pre-Occupational Therapy Program (PrOT) at KGI will provide participants interested in an occupational therapy career a chance to actively explore the profession through hands-on and interactive learning. Students will learn about the diverse scope of occupational therapy: what occupational therapists do, where they work, and populations they serve. Additionally, participants will learn about innovative and emerging occupational therapy practice areas that support health and well-being.

    2020 Dates: July 27-31

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  • The five-day Pre-Pharmacy Enrichment Summer Program (PrEP) at KGI is designed for prospective students interested in a career in pharmacy. Participants will explore the pharmacy profession through interactive classes and hands-on activities that will provide an introduction to pharmacy practice. Students will be introduced to the many career opportunities available in the field of pharmacy and exposed to ways pharmacists can impact patients’ lives beyond the traditional dispensing role. Program content may include laboratory sessions, clinical skills workshops, emerging pharmacy topics, problem-based learning, health information technology, poster presentations, professional development, an introduction to the pharmacy curriculum, and admission requirements. PrEP is open to high school seniors, undergraduate college students, and students who have completed their undergraduate degree but have not yet been admitted to a PharmD program.

    2020 Dates: July 6-10

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