• Program requirements and deadlines can be found here.

  • GRE and TOEFL: Institution code 4166. A department code is not necessary.

    GMAT: Specify Keck Graduate Institute when prompted.

    国产偷拍视频MCAT: Printout required either by email or postal mail. Please ensure that your printout includes a verification code and your AAMC ID.

  • Yes. KGI requires transcripts from all undergraduate and higher education institutions attended, even if you did not earn a degree from that school. Unofficial copies can be submitted for the application process. If you are admitted and matriculate to KGI you will then be required to submit official copies.

  • 国产偷拍视频Sometimes. We do occasionally offer fee waivers for students that have financial need or through special communication to prospective students. If you have a financial need and would like to request a fee waiver, please talk with your admissions counselor.

  • 国产偷拍视频No. You can submit materials during the online application process, or after you’ve completed the application by logging into the Portal and linking your files. Your recommendation(s) and mailed materials (test scores, transcripts) can also come at different dates. Applicants will receive emailed status updates on the items needed to complete their applications.

  • 国产偷拍视频We pride ourselves on a holistic application review process. This means that we look at each applicant as an individual and review your test scores and GPA alongside your other materials to get a full picture of your academic and personal background and determine your fit at KGI. Therefore, we do not have minimum requirements or cutoffs.

  • 国产偷拍视频No. Management or business courses are not pre-requisites for any of our programs. We provide that training and experience throughout your course of study.

  • 国产偷拍视频No. Our courses are tailored to KGI programs and cannot be adapted to accept credit from other institutions. All admitted students work with an academic advisor to assess their experience and select coursework.

  • Please contact us! We are here to help. You can reach the Admissions Office at admissions@anjungnuri.com国产偷拍视频 or 909.607.8590.

"I loved science, but I missed the business side. I had considered becoming a doctor or a professor, but I still wanted something different. KGI was the perfect mix of business and science. It exposed me to topics and career options I didn’t know existed."
Nida Khan
inVentiv Health Consulting
Master of Business and Science, '06

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