MEng Program Objectives

  1. To meet the career aspirations of qualified students and professionals who wish to develop their practical and foundational skills in the new and emerging areas of biopharmaceutical bioprocessing.
  2. To serve biopharmaceutical companies by providing trained and educated individuals who can meet the rising technical and regulatory demands for manufacturing of safe and efficacious medicines.
  3. To educate potential leaders and innovators who can contribute to production and availability of legacy biologics such as vaccines, proteins and monoclonal antibodies, as well as advanced, next generation, biologics such stem cell based biologics, gene therapy, and engineered tissues.

Meng program

Program Highlights – Technical and Professional

  • Advanced Process Development & Design
  • Upstream and Downstream unit Operations
  • Quality and CMC Regulatory Sciences
  • Hands-on Good Laboratory Practice
  • Research projects overseas
  • Industry internships
  • Industry Team Master’s Project (TMP)
  • Bioprocess Team Design Project (TDP)
  • Professional and personal skills
  • Business of Biopharmaceuticals

Our Goal

To train the next generation of scientists and engineers for rewarding careers in the global and competitive biopharmaceutical and related industries.

**WASC Approved