Aerial photo of Claremont, California

History and Mission

In 1997, through a generous $50 million grant from the , Keck Graduate Institute was born. KGI represents The Claremont Colleges’ first entry into graduate-level, application-based scientific research and education. It remains the only graduate institute in the country with this sole focus.

KGI students at graduation
Trustees Kiran Mazumar Shaw and Sheldon Schuster

Leadership and Board of Trustees

国产偷拍视频KGI’s Board of Trustees, in conjunction with other advisory boards at KGI, keep the institute ever mindful of current features in the life sciences and health care industries. KGI’s leadership team is composed of the President, Deans, and Vice Presidents.

Mountains near Claremont
student smiling

Corporate Partnerships

Created in collaboration with leading executives in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and bio-agriculture, KGI’s schools have the structure, the flexibility, and the singular focus to keep up with the dynamic requirements of this critical industry.

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