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Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), a member of The Claremont Colleges, has completed over 300 projects for leading companies in the biotech, pharma, and medical device industries. The year-long Team Master’s Project (TMP) brings exponential value to companies and provides an applied educational experience for our students.

Gain a Custom Team to Fit Your Need

国产偷拍视频KGI will compile a team of 3-5 students with a faculty member who has expertise in the subject area. Our students specialize in infrastructure and operations, technology landscaping, regulatory affairs, business development and strategy, as well as technical projects in bioprocessing and device engineering. KGI teams offer a fresh perspective with training in the intersection of business and science.


"We found the value of leveraging the students' creativity in coming up with novel solutions that folks in the industry might not have thought of or addressed."
Brian Kluck
Research Scientist at Gilead

Learn More About TMP

国产偷拍视频Provide your contact information below and a member of our Corporate Partnerships team will connect with you to discuss how a TMP could fit your company’s project needs.


Take the Next Step to Enhancing Productivity

Do you have more projects than people to manage them, or an innovative idea that you want to test? Delegate a project to a KGI team so that you can focus on higher priorities and enhance your company’s productivity. These projects have also been a great way for our sponsors to find a future employee or give an emerging leader experience managing a project team.

Spanning the continuum from highly technical to highly business-oriented

国产偷拍视频KGI will work with you to help focus your project and maximize outcomes. Past projects vary greatly from science- to business-oriented and have included the following:

  • Development of a quantitative decision framework for the commercial integration of whole genome sequencing into the sponsor’s extensive service offerings
  • Recommended optimization strategy that balances internal v. external sourcing to help the company reduce a manufacturing bottleneck. The optimization strategy would minimally consider the following parameters: time, cost, resources, complexity, location, competency/expertise, communication, intellectual property, regulatory risk, quality and safety
  • Sponsor plan to relinquish several non-core pharmaceutical assets. This analysis (1) ascertained the current value of each program by reviewing competitors, stage of development, NPV of development and potential revenue, etc.; and (2) identified a list of targeted companies for potential partnerships, licensing deals, asset sales, etc.
  • Emergency technology early warning systems project their likely impact on future pharmaceutical markets. Specified technologies included diagnostics such as novel serological, cellular, histological, molecular, and genetic assays
  • Assessment of computational procedures commonly used to generate three-dimensional structures of small molecules and validation of same by comparing computer-generated and experimental structures
  • Development of software and hardware tools for image acquisition and analysis of sensitive protein and peptide separation results
  • Development and validation of novel methods for peptide and protein separations using the sponsor’s proprietary system

The Team

Tomorrow’s bioscience business leaders working on your project today

国产偷拍视频Your project will be managed by a team of three to five advanced graduate students. Focused and highly capable, our students have backgrounds in biology, bioengineering, chemistry, physics, medicine, and more. 

Typically, student teams manage TMPs from fall through spring semesters contributing approximately 2,000 hours in aggregate to your project. Additionally, a subset of team members can work as summer interns to jump-start the full project prior to the fall kickoff.

国产偷拍视频The student team—in collaboration with the faculty advisor and corporate liaison—develops a project plan that details milestones, accountabilities, deliverables, and timelines. While this plan guides the team’s efforts over the life of the project, it is frequently updated to reflect changing information and marketplace dynamics.

Corporate liaison

国产偷拍视频Each sponsoring organization identifies at least one internal champion to collaborate with the team over the life of the project. This liaison helps monitor and guide team progress, and serves as the gateway to the rest of the organization.

The team and liaison will establish a regular communications schedule (for example, weekly phone conferences) as well as short- and long-term milestones and deliverables.

国产偷拍视频In addition to solid knowledge of the project topic, the liaison should possess good communication skills, candor, and an interest in collaborating with highly skilled, highly energetic graduate students.

Questions about The Team Master’s Project?

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